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For me the surprise was Matt Faucher as Jud Fry, not because he was so good but he made the character menacing without forgetting the troubled lonely man underneath. He also sings madness impressively. ("Sweeney Todd" next?) -Frank Rizzo 

 Matt Faucher’s Jud is terrifying (as Laurey sees him) and anguished, but also handsome and capable of trying to be a gentleman—an original choice on Thompson’s part. Though it’s clear that Jud is disturbed, his gentle squiring of Laurey to the box social suggests that he might, if given the chance, treat her well. And Faucher’s “Lonely Room” is a highlight.- Brooks Appelbaum Shoreline Times

Best of all may be Mr. Faucher’s Jud, who, in addition to his powerful singing (“Lonely Room” is a standout), manages to make the villain of this musical simultaneously creepy and sexy. - Tom Holehan CTCriticsCircle

Deliciously menacing -Howard Steven Frydman 

While I was not a great admirer of the story, particularly the character of Jud, the music and dancing certainly were impressive.-Nancy Sasso Janis 

What’s also wonderful about director Jenn Thompson’s production is that she doesn’t back away from the dark elements in the musical.  Namely, it is the character of Jud Fry who provides the drama in the show, and Matt Faucher is suitably frightening in the role, as well as being an excellent singer.  Indeed, his performance of “Lonely Room” in the first act is splendid and this actor’s dark good looks are perfect for this character. -Zander Opper

Matt Faucher gives a superb performance as the unpredictable, moody man, also obsessed with Laurey, but in a far less innocent way than Curly. He brings chilling passion to his solo, “Lonely Room.”

- Amy J. Barry

Matt Faucher as the dark, mysterious, threatening Jud Fry. His solo, “Lonely Room,” often eliminated from revivals, is here rendered with unleashed power- Dave Rosenberg CCC

Marvelously sinister -Journal Inquirer

Menacing ‘villain’ Jud Fry is powerfully acted and sung by Matt Faucher. His solo number, “Lonely Room” although not a great song, is delivered with such passionate sadness that the emotional impact on the audience is palpable. Mr. Faucher’s voice is deep and deliciously mellifluous to hear- Don Church and Tony Schillaci

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